Blogger Indonesia of the Week (12): Paras Indonesia

When the nation is in grief by the terrorist attack in Kuta and Jimbaran on Saturday October 1, 2005, my mind’s in a hang-over. I dont have a good mood to write a little review this week. I still think of the nation’s future; of the civil society we dream of; of freedom of movement we’ve been enjoying post-Suharto regime up till now; of fear that such luxurious priveleges for all of us will reduce and then eliminated for the sake of security in the wake of such terrorist attacks. all are hovering over my head.

all of a sudden, i remember one blog I just enlisted in the blogger indonesia directory below which we, I and you, can rely on keeping the democratic tradition and the civil society dream still alive. Paras Indonesia – Where the Democratic Minds meet is the right place for a hang-out with several journalist-pro-democratic-values personalities.

the blog used to be an a kinda rigid-official-website written generally by about six eminent indonesian columnists plus several guest writers. the attractiveness of blogs world as a ‘golden boy’ of media and search engines make the webmaster and the editors behind it change their mind: making it the first collaborative blog written and edited by several Indonesian columnists, journalists and social activists. blog certainly will attract more visitors with its interactiveness and flexibility.

any individual, Indonesian or foreign analysts who need to know indonesia in the form of more thoughtful, analytical and in-depth analysis on Indonesia current issues internally or vis-a-vis other countries, Paras Indonesia is obviously the right place to go.

and as one of Indonesian blogger, it’d be a proper way to welcome and greet their presence with both hands. Blogger Indonesia community will not be more colorful without them. And hopefully, other eminent writers, columnist and journalists could be expected to follow suit in a large numbers.
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