Blogger Indonesia of the Week (27): Purwarno Hadinata

The Significance of English Language

If you are the regular reader of this fifty-penny-worth blog, you must be familiar with what this blog major purposes are. For the new readers let me explain again a bit: (1) To encourage blogger Indonesia to blog/write in English or at least bi-lingual (English and Bahasa Indonesia); (2) To give support to those who’ve already blogged in English by listing their blogs in this page to be more known and hence, add their traffics;

(3) Reviewing their (English) blogs every week, to make it more popular in the blogosphere; and finally (4) to give non-Indonesians more knowledge and hopefully, more understanding of what Indonesia (as a nation) and Indonesian (represented in their homogenous culture and tradition) stands for through the blogging and writing of Indonesians themselves; not through the “third party commentaries.”

And to be able to write/blog in English, Indonesian gotta know the basic English language by reading as many information in this language –hugely available in the blogosphere– as possible. Grammatical skill for the first step is not required, because all Indonesians who passed their 10+2 grade must’ve had the basic requirement. And as a matter of fact, most Indonesian bloggers are at least already got their bachelor degree.

Having said that, if you used to blog in English for a period of time, you need to sharpen your English skill into another level. There’re many ways to achieve that purpose, one of them is to read a blog which specializes in English literature and linguistics and written by someone who has expertise in this field.

I’m glad to introduce to you one such blog written by An English literature & linguistics lecturer of Islamic University of North Sumatra (UISU – Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara), Medan. His name’s Purwarno Hadinata. His blogging experience is new–he starts blogging since only a couple months back, but not his experience in the english literature and linguistics.

An American names Tom Atkins has already given him an accolade for his good analysis on the matter. In one of Mr Atkins comment in Purwarno’s blog, he says

Marvelous blog and it makes me wonder why someone here in the United States or over in Britan hasn’t done this. Well done, informative and I’ll be recommending it often to friends and collegues!

Mr Atkins even elaborate and appreciate further by making special mention about Purwarno’s in his own blog, thus:

The world of letters
It’s the most logical thing in the world for someone to do, particularly someone in Britan or the US. But no, it takes a scholar at the Faculty of English Literature, Islamic University of North Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia to do it.

Well I for one and glad he did and am glad it’s out there. “IT” is a blog titled “The World of Letters” and in it the author breaks down English literature so that a reader will have a clear view of all sorts of things to do with literature. From the definition of Tragedy to tidbits about particular writers, he’s got it here. This is not just stuff that literature scholars care about, it’s at the heart of our language and culture, and anyone concerned about how the world of letters works with our world will enjoy this site. Go give a look-see

I think, what Tom Atkins said about Purwarno’s good blog does not require me to elaborate further.

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