Blogger Indonesia of the Week (30): Enda Nasution

Leadership Instinct

As I said earlier on, the salient feature of a person with leadership capacity and instinct is he/she would think of others as much as he/she thinks of him/herself.
That’s why, the leaders always emerge in their own way in critical situation. They are not necessarily the best skillful person in the field, unlike a manager, yet they’re certainly the most caring and not rarely the most honest towards others who need help.

During the Tsunami catastrophe last couple of years, every persons with leadership instinct within their hearts in Indonesia did what the best they can do to help their brothers and sisters who were in a very critical conditions depriving of their home, properties and even their souls.

Many individuals around the world listen to the call and give their heart out to the outcry of suffering the Acehnese has been under. The most towering figures in the line are two former president of USA Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. who’re so much involved in those crisis.

In Indonesia, for the first time –as far as I can recalled– all Indonesian (pribumis and Chinese-Indonesian) came in unison to offer help and some even went to the ground zero in Aceh themselves.

From blogger Indonesia community, it’s Enda Nasution who initiates the Indonesia Help blog in which he gives necessary information and news relating to Tsunami, its victim and addresses of important fund-raiser organisations like red cross (PMI – Palang Merah Indonesia in local acronym) and others which turns out to be very beneficial.

Amazingly, Enda is still actively updating the blog a year after. He now even enlarges the scope of news he put into his blog by putting any natural disaster occur in the country, making it not only confine itself to Tsunami-related issues, which is to me very positive things to do and very important blog to everyone who wants to know about the latest natural disaster news in Indonesia.

So far as blogger Indonesia goes, Enda is arguably the most popular figure. Detik news daily calls him as Bapak Blogger Indonesia (the father of Indonesian blogger). His name and opinions on blogging quoted by many Indonesian print media, including the most recent one in Media Indonesia. He’s also a permanent member of Harvard Global Voices and representing Indonesian blogger in its first summit in London held on December last year. An honor he’s well-deserved.

Considering his popularity on other blogger Indonesia, I hope that he would extend his leadership capability to influence other bloggers who’re blogging for the sake of blogging to blog with purpose the phenomenon of which, fortunately, has increased. The intensity, however, still needed.

And considering his popular name in print media and the important of blog nowadays, I think it’s time for them, the media, to give a special weekly column for him to write anything not only limited to blog, but also about other subjects as well. Indonesian media should follow the precedence of the Guardian, UK and Reuters news agency which without any doubt hire Raed – the Baghdad Blogger to be its guest columnist. On blogging matters, certainly no journalists can supercede his capability. So, what the media waiting for?
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