Blogger Indonesia of the Week (56): William Pramana

So far as traffic and Technorati ranking go, among the top ten Indonesian bloggers who got mentioned in the Tempo magazine a few weeks back, William Pramana is certainly the most deservedly blogger to have such honor. Long before Tempo magazine made the long report on Indonesian blogosphere, Priyadi has made a Technorati-based survey and William came out as the numero uno. I was amazed and surprised to know how he very humbly responded to the honor and honestly wrote:

I am honored to be on that list but I don’t think I deserve it because there are so many Indonesian blogs with better content and better user discussion. The reason why I came on the top of the list is because I generate so many incoming links.

I generate so much incoming links NOT because people recommended me or they refer to one of my blog entries, but because of my contribution to the WordPress Theme Competition Blog. The Golden Grey is used by so many wordpress powered blog.

Priyadi’s effort in making the survey is now followed in a better way by Heri Susanto. In Heri’s blog, you can see live–dynamically changed ranking in accordance with Technorati–the top 100 Indonesian blogs. You can see William’s blog is always on top and is even number 15 on overall Technorati ranking out of 51 millions blogs listed in Technorati!

Of course, William achievement doesn’t confine to that of Technorati. He’s what we call the product of techno geek prodigy who has a taste of and was playing around with anything computer since his childhood when he was just a 12-year old kid. And as internet necessity is zooming by the day, it’s not surprising that he has achieved now what “conventional profession” can achieve years after. Just take a look at his brief CV:

William is a small business owner providing IT services to Australian small businesses. He has been experimenting with various operating systems, computer networking, programming, and designing websites since he was only 12 years old.

I always admire any achiever, Indonesian achiever in particular, in his/her own field or beyond. To know that he/she deals with all his/her achievement in a humble way just manifold my admiration. William Pramana is among those guys I admire for both his achievement and humility. Two things that we hardly find in a single person.
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