Blogger Indonesia of the Week (6): Eko Prasetyo

Indonesian Blogger of the Week (6): Eko Prasetyo

Had Eko Prasetyo ‘s name is not typically javanese names, I would’ve thought that he’s not an Indonesian Blogger, simply because he writes a very smooth english and in a good mastery in this language of the world. Besides, he writes extensively on many issues, including commentary on politics, religions and culture, topics which are rarely found written by any Blogger Indonesia.

His job seems to force him to travel a lot, and his hobby of photograph make his journey even more meaningful to share with every visitor of his blogs. You can read his narrative description on many places he visited and at the same time you can enjoy many interesting photograph he’d taken during the trip.

As political commentary myself, I also personally am interested with the way he argues with his blogger counterparts on many certain issues: politics and religion. He looks so interested in making his point heard on polical and religious matters by making direct argument with other bloggers (mostly non-Indonesians) who are making the topics.

He stays in Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta). I dont know whether it’s his hometown or his office. But considering his Javanese names, he must be from somewhere in Central Java (Jawa Tengah) or East Java (Jawa Timur).

Last but not least, as far as blogger Indonesia goes, Eko Prasetyo is one figure any Blogger Indonesia need to emulate: blogging in English and making his voice heard and vibrated around the world. I hope someday, his blogs get noticed by some publisher and make it a book.
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