Blogger Indonesia of the Week (8): Isnaini

My pick this week is a Blogger Indonesia from Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta. His name as also used as his blog’s is Isnaini. He’s a professional web-designer and he did, does and is doing many web-designing project for major companies like TVRI JOGJA (state owned television), KALSEL.GO.ID (state provincial office of South Kalimantan), etc.

Fortunately, his web-designing skills is not only his job; it’s also his passion. So much so, that he’s make so many templates/skins for bloggers who intend to make a blog in or top domain blog. So many blogger templates he creates passionately, that sometimes he can create more than one design in a day. and more fortunate for us that all his blog template creations are distributed for free for all of us to use.

his template art mainly influenced by javanese culture like Wayang (puppet) which is still famously prevail in central java, a region where he resides.

As far as I know, he used to blogs in Bahasa Indonesia. but he seems to change his mind, and now he blogs in English, which is good for broader audience and to introduce and promote the art of web-designing skill which is typically Indonesian to the world. I’d like to recommend him, in case he doesnt know yet, to sign-up in Blogskins where he can directly promote all his blog-template creations to more focus audience: the community of template creators. Finally, I wish him a best of luck and more prolifics and appreciations of his works in years to come.

NOTE: If you’re an Indonesian and blog in English, or have a friend or friends with such criteria, please let me know.

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