Blogger Indonesia of the Week (1): Eko Juniarto

Pick of the Week: Indonesian Blog in English (1)

I’ve decided to pick up once a week a blog on indonesia written by Indonesian blogger, starting from now (thursday, 14 July 2005). My picks are based on my search on My aim is so simple: to help promoting to the world news and reports on indonesia written by indonesian bloggers and to encourage them to write more on english.

some short minded people with their pseudo-nationalism argue that blogging in english just “un-patriotic” which is blatantly wrong and misnomer in my opinion. rather than discouraging the indonesian blogger who blogs in english, they should encourage them or keep their mouth wide-shut.

my pick this week is Eko Juniarto’s blog. he’s blogging with a very good english and with quality content too. i hope he continue to blog in english and i encourage any bloggers, indonesian or foreigners to visit his blog to know more about indonesia and indonesian culture and way of thinking.
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