Sun Microsys unveils eco-friendly chip

SAN JOSE: Looking to leapfrog its rivals, computer maker Sun Microsystems Inc. on Monday announced an “eco-friendly” server chip that it claims will deliver more performance while requiring less electricity than competing microprocessors.

The UltraSparc T1 processor, code-named Niagara, has eight computing engines on a single chip, with each core capable of handling up to four tasks at once, Sun said. It expects to ship systems based on the processor by the end of the year.

The new chip uses about 70 watts of power on average, significantly less than the 150 watts to 200 watts required by server chips from Intel Corp or International Business Machines Corp, Sun said.

“We can enable (customers) to provide more services within the same envelope of space, power and cooling that they have today,” said Fred Kohout, vice president of marketing at Sun’s scalable systems group. “They don’t have to add more space, more power and more cooling to add more services or run more activities on the Web.”

The California-based computer maker also is touting its new chip as “eco-friendly.” It said removing the world’s Web servers and replacing them with half the number of UltraSparc T1-based systems would have the same effect on carbon dioxide emissions as planting 1 million trees.

“It’s time the technology industry took a stand – tripling your datacenter performance shouldn’t mean tripling your power bill and needing more coal-fired plants,” said Jonathan Schwartz, Sun’s president.

PTI[ MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2005 10:31:39 AM]

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