Dicari Peresensi Blog Bahasa Indonesia

Dicari Peresensi Blog Bahasa IndonesiaSeperti saya tulis di sini, www.fatihsyuhud.com membuat fitur Blogger Indonesia of the Week yang berisi review blog yang ditulis para blogger Indonesia yang berbahasa Inggris, di mana fitur ini akan secara otomatis diaggregate oleh www.blog-indonesia.com dan tampil otomatis di sidebar aggregator blog Indonesia terbesar tersebut.

R.M, founder blog-indonesia.com di komentar artikel yang saya tulis tersebut menambahkan bahwa seandainya ada blogger Indonesia yang berkomitmen untuk meresensi blog berbahasa Indonesia setiap minggunya, maka dengan senang hati dia akan memberikan ruang di sidebar blog-indonesia.com. Di komentar tersebut R.M. menulis:
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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (73): Tasa Nugraza Barley

winter waterfall On Being Credible and Impartial

Credibiity is earned through stages and various ways. In real life, a credible person connotes to someone whose words are not at variance with one actions and he or she does it in a relatively consistent way. As far as blogging, or writing, is concerned, in order to be credible in the eyes of one’s peers, a blogger should hold to a particular universal values and ethics and stick to them. Note that credibility should be differentiated with scientificity. And the highest universal values in the writing/blogging world is none but impartiality.
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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (72): Supriyadi Slamet Widodo

supriyadi swSo far as blogging software platform goes, particularly for self-hosted blog/website, wordpress undoubtedly stands out among the rest. Matt Mullenweg, the young humble whizzkid wordpress founder (he created the software at the age of 19, four years ago.), must be very happy with this. He deserves to be.

One and most important reason for wordpress outstanding popularity is its opennes to plugins from anyone. Thus, coders aournd the world compete to create their most creative and innovative plugins and hence a bunch of very useful plugins flooded the wordpress world for everyone to use.
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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (71): Oman Fathurahman

Oman Fathurahman UINOman Fathurahman has many dimensions as far as I am concerned. On blogging, he’s my “student”, on humility he’s obviously my teacher and as a person with pesantren background, he should be an inspiration for all santris (those who study and or graduated from pesantren) for his academic quest.

Make no mistake, we’ve never met nor have we ever exchanged emails. A couple of times he just left messages in the guestbook of this blog asking some technical matters regarding blogging nitty-gritty. There are times when a strong personality (good or bad) does not need to make any strong statement to make his or her true character visible. Oman is among those persons whose humble and simple personality is so clear to me to the extent that I want to meet in person someday just to say, “Hi!”
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Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2006

It’s been almost two years eversince I introduced the Blogger Indonesia of the Week’s feature during which I witness the fast-growing English-speaking blogs by Indonesian blogger, a prerequisite eligibility to be reviewed.

Interesting to note here that in early stage I started this feature, it’s been so hard to find any good English-speaking Indonesian blog. So much so that I needed to blogwalk from blog to blog to find one or two links into another good blog.

One year after, however, I saw the turnaround: I’ve been facing difficulty, sometimes dilemma, to prioritize which good blogs I should review–and promote–first! In no way it suggests that other English-speaking Indonesian blog that has not been reviewed is not good. That’s terribly wrong assumption. There are a lot more blogs and bloggers outthere that sometimes even got a better content than the ones I reviewed. If you’re one of them, be rest assured that your blog has been in my list, or I might not yet know it. And for that, my apology.

In this year-end of 2006, I personally, as this blog does not represent anyone but myself, would like to acknowledge those Indonesian bloggers who have contributed, one way or another, to the fast growing Indonesia blogosphere. Every acknowledgement has its own limitation which may not satisfy everyone. This acknowledgement is not an exception. And for the sake of clarity, some criteria has been put in place as to why I pick them as my top ten blogger 2006.

1. Blogger or blog that was picked as Blogger Indonesia of the Week in the past. In another word, Indonesian-speaking blog–however good it might be– will not be included.(I honestly hope that there might be a blogger who is willing to spare his/her time once a week to review Indonesian-speaking blog).

2. Blogger or blog that has sort of influence and contribution in his/its own way in promoting and hence contributing to the growth of Indonesian blogosphere.

3. Blogger i.e. personality behind the blog, who shows a sort of leadership attitude on and off the blog; those who unite Indonesian bloggers into one force instead of dividing them, who are able to see the bigger picture instead of the nitty-gritty thingy and end up with messing up everything. “On the blog” means his or her blogging activities influences other people to do the same and/or enlightening Indonesian or non-Indonesian to understand more about Indonesia: culture, faith, tradition, etc. “Off the blog” stands for similar meaning, only it connotes to outside blogging activities. One more thing, the number is not necessarily in particular order.

Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2006

1. Jennie S. Bev: The Most Prolific Indonesian Writer.

She’s the pride of Indonesian, including me. If Indonesian, any Indonesian, were to succeed in achieving what they want to achieve, watch her footstep. Fortunately she’s eagerly willing to share all her experience and her way to climb the ladder of success either as a prolific writer or as a reformed personality in her blog and book.

2. Budi Putra: The Indonesian Journalist

The first Indonesian journalist who has strong determination to utilise his position in the conventional media Tempo Magazine and Tempo Newspaper to introduce and promote blog and blogging culture. Majalah TEMPO, the most prominent and influential Indonesian magazine, is the first magazine that made an extensive report on blog and Indonesian blogosphere and blogging culture.

3. R.M.: Blog-Indonesia.com Founder

If I were to pick who is the kindest, humblest and most honest person I ever know “personally” during my blogging activity, he’s obviously my first choice. His contribution to Indonesian blogosphere is felt by every blogger, new and old. His blog aggregator, the first of its kind, enable the newest blogger to have traffic flow to his/her blog. Just in case you read this, R.M., please remember that blog-indonesia.com should never die. I’d be the first person to extend the helping hand just in case it’s needed.

4. Ronny Haryanto: Planet Terasi (Blog Aggregator) Founder

Planet.Terasi.net, a blog aggregator Ronny founded and maintain is the oldest. Previously it’s for aggregating IT-related blog, but now it’s also selecting non-IT related blogs, including mine. Any first iniative should be remembered and appreciated.

5. Agusti Anwar: The Indonesian Diplomat-Blogger

Indonesian diplomat who blog is not many. Agusti Anwar is one of them. He’s not only updating his two blogs relatively regularly, but is also engaging actively in Indonesia blogosphere community. I think, he might consider to urge other diplomat to blog as well.

6. Enda Nasution: The father-figure of Indonesian blogger
He’s the most deservedly Indonesian blogger to be called as Bapak Blogger Indonesia (the Father of Indonesian blogger). Simply because he’s played like one in helping new blogger by giving blog- or post-link, sometimes comment, to newbie blogger; taking time to visit them, etc. A kind of brotherly attitude that not many of us is capable of doing.

7. Yosef Ardi: The Indonesian Journalist most active blogger.

He should be on the first list of top ten blogger in Majalah TEMPO. And should be on the top list of such feature in any other Indonesia conventional media in the future. He makes a lot of effort to write a very good and informative content in his blog and should be highly appreciated accordingly.

8. Juwono Sudarsono The first Indonesian Minister Blogger

His sheer presence in Indonesian blogosphere opens a new vista among the elite circles of Indonesian bureaucracy to do the same or at least looking at the blogging culture in different mindset. If the Defense Minister, one of the most powerful and sensitive portfolio if not the most, is writing passionately in his blog, why others should not?

9. Isnaini: The most prolific blogger-template designer

Prolific and is highly appreciated by blogger / blogspot community beyond Indonesia for his elegant and creative design. Indonesian should be thankful for his relentless and tireless effort.

10. Maverick Indonesia: The first corporate blog

My friend, Ong Hock Chuan, is the founder of the blog, calls it the Corporate Blog. It’s written collaboratively by all guys in Maverick, a media and PR consultant. I wonder how Ong still has time to blog in between his must-be hectic activities. A good example for any other Indonesian entrepreneurs to learn to get rid of the “I am very busy” culture.

To every blogger in Indonesia and around the world, Happy New Year 2007, wishing you all a better blogging in years to come! Dan selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha bagi umat Islam di Tanah Air dan di manapun berada.