Did Anyone Copy Any of My Articles?

Did anyone copy the full content of one or more of my articles in my afsyuhud blogspot? If any please give me the link(s), I’d like to put it/them in my new own hosting blog www.fatihsyuhud.com. Fortunately however I’ve exported a few months ago all my files in other blogs including collections of my op-ed articles in various Indonesian media. I couldn’t recall why I left afsyuhud files un-imported.

My request to blogger.com to give me the archive files of afsyuhud.blogspot seems to come to the deft ear.

Have a nice day! And thanks a lot for supports you guys have shown. Highly appreciate it.  Really do.

11 tanggapan untuk “Did Anyone Copy Any of My Articles?

  1. @goonie baby: saya kurang paham. bisa ya bisa tidak. yg terpenting dlm soal ini adalah security blogger.com/blogspot lemah. dan itu yg saya sampaikan pada tim blogger.com.


  2. Hii indblogger

    now i owned that blog !

    but if u need all your databack just do one thing

    search google for your blog like this

    then click on cached data on google

    and WOW u will get all your data

    similarly i recovered your all backlinks

    really blogger is realy fool that they deleted your all data

    u can contact me here at my e-mail


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